Welcome from the Village President…

Dear Residents:

Germantown is best described as a vibrant and secure community that is a great place to live, raise a family or retire. I believe volunteers are what make Germantown such a great place to live! Most every organization and taxing district of Germantown is based on volunteers. Without those volunteers, the Village on a whole would suffer. Thank you to all those who give their time! I look forward to the future and believe Germantown has many good things in store!

Duane Ripperda



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The 2020 Census is just around the corner and the Village wants all residents to be prepared to participate in the count. Starting on March 12, the U.S. Census Bureau will be sending out postcards that will have a special code that you must enter while filling out the Census. For the first time, everyone will be able to fill out the survey online, by phone, or by paper. These expanded options will make it so individuals can pick the easiest reporting method for themselves.

Please fill out the Census as soon as you can due to the extreme importance of your response. The number of residents living within the Village determines State and Federal funding as well as how many representatives the State of Illinois maintains in the House of Representatives.

For every person not counted in the 2020 Census, the Village loses Federal/State funding. Federal/State funding helps to fund things like infrastructure (roads), healthcare, and education. Go to: https://2020census.gov/ and fill out your Census!


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